Curriculum for  B. A Economics Under CBCSS 2017 Admission

Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
Core Course I  Ec1CRT01 Perspectives and Methodology of Economics
 Complimentary Course (History) I  HY1CMT02 Social Formations in Premodern India
 Semester II 
 Core Course II  EC2CRT02 Micro Economic Analysis I
 Complementary Course (History) II   HY2CMT04 History of Freedom Movement in India
Semester III 
Core Course III  EC3CRT03 Micro Economics Analysis II
Core Course IV  EC3CRT04 Economics of Growth and Development
1st Complementary Course (Political Science) III PS3CMT01 An Introduction to Political Science
Semester IV
Core Course V EC4CRT05 Micro Economic I
Core Course VI Ec4CRT06 Public Economics
Complementary Course (Political Science) IV PS4CM105 Indian Constitution: Social Issues in India