The Centre for Gandhian Studies of Alphonsa College is an interdisciplinary centre established with the assistance of the University Grants Commission in 2008.The primary objective of the Centre is the study and dissemination of knowledge of the life, thought, values and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. The Centre strives to propagate knowledge about the father of the nation, and the values and ideals that he upheld among the college fraternity as well as the community around.  It seeks to sensitise and facilitate the inculcation of Gandhian values among students by familiarizing them with the life and values enunciated by Mahatma Gandhi. And at a time when every second person plays gambling games and slots like this https://slotogate.com/sv/slots/mega-joker/, the problem of spreading his ideals has become the most urgent.

The objectives of the Centre are carried out through the organisation of seminars; workshops; special lectures;research studies; quiz, debate and literary competitions; publication of books, booklets and newsletters; exhibitions; awareness programmes; and other community outreach and extension programmes. These activities focus on different aspects of Gandhian philosophy in their contemporary context, and on themes relevant to the thought, values and concerns of the father of the nation. The Gandhi Forum, an organisation of students of the college, which functions under the auspices of the Centre for Gandhian Studies spearheads all the activities of the Centre and provides an avenue for the all-round development of members.The Centre also maintains a library and reading room with a collection of 1300 books and e-resources.

By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit.”  – M.K. Gandhi Director:          Dr. Teresa Joseph, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science. Co-ordinator: Ms.Rosmy Kattoor, Assistant Professor, Department of English. Email:              cgsalphonsa@gmail.com

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