Department of Mathematics and Statistics Alphonsa College, Pala   is in a persuit of academic excellence and the department of Mathematics is a fore-runner in achieving the same .The history of the department is coextensive that of the college and the Mathematics department came in to existence through the introduction of the  three year degree course in 1967.  From the very beginning onwards it has been maintaining very high standards in both academic and extracurricular activities. Department of Mathematics Alphonsa college Pala has completed fifty years of dedicated service to the society. Department has developed the habit of harvesting ranks and excellent results in University examinations from the very beginning onwards. To date the students of the department have bagged 23 ranks, including two first ranks, 10 second ranks and 11 third ranks in the university examinations. Students of the department have registered cent percent result in 18 times. In this monumental moment of the golden jubilee we give a big salute to the predecessors who were instrumental in formulating and developing the department in this nice manner and for setting a bench-mark in academic and non-academic activities. The members of the present faculty are striving hard with a single mind to keep the legacy of the department intact and to raise the quality of academic activities a bit further every year. Alumnae of the department are occupying very high coveted positions in different walks of life such as Engineers ,Professors ,Civil servants ,ISS personnel’s etc. Courses offered 
  • BSc Mathematics
  • Complementary Mathematics course for Physics , Physics(Voc)and Chemistry
  • Complementary Statistics course for Mathematics and Physics
Additional Courses Offered
  • Computer Technology(Add-on Course)
  • Certificate Programme in Soft Skill Development
  • Applicable Mathematics –Open Course
  • Operations Research – Elective paperHighlights of the Department
    • 50 Years of Excellent Service
    • 23 university Ranks and 92 A + Grades
    • Prizes in intercollegiate quiz, Power point presentation ,Elocution,Debate Culturalcompetitions
    • Prizes in university youth festival
    • Mathematics Association
    • Enrichment Programme