Department Profile

The Department of Hindi is an additional Language Department, started in the year 1964. IT has been supporting all the pre-degree and UG courses of the college from the beginning.  Prof. P. C. Thomas M. A from St. Thomas College Pala was deputed to this college as the head of the department was appointed in 8/7/1964. He returned to St. Thomas College, Pala on14/3/1969. On 21/7/1967 Sr.PT Rose was appointed as the faculty of this Dept.  She was the HOD till the years of her retirement in March1992. Sr. A. C Saramma was joined on21/7/1967. Prof. K. J Mary and      Prof. K. T Elikutty were appointed on 21/61966and1/8/1969 respectively.  Prof. Dr. Sr. Cathreenamma P. D was appointed on1980. Prof. Pennamma Abraham and Prof. Jessyamma Sebastian were appointed on16/1/1984and19/1/1984 respectively. We celebrate the feeling of deep gratitude and love towards each other in the department It is a fact that even though ours is a non-Hindi  speaking state ,majority of students like Hindi and they study it so sincerely  and with great interest. We proudly place on record the dedicated and selfless services rendered by the Faculty. The active and healthy harmony prevailing among the teachers paved the way for the discipline of the students.

The Pioneers of the Department

Prof. P. C. Thomas M.A

The departmental activities were started with the efficient leadership of Prof.P.C Thomas M.A. He was the head of the Department for one year in 1967.

Prof. Sr. P. T. Rose M.A

In the year 1968, Prof. Sr. P. T. Rose M.A was appointed as the HOD. She was the Head of the Department till the year of her retirement in 1992.

Prof. A. C. Saramma M.A

Prof. A.C Saramma has been an excellent staff of the department from 1968 onwards and she was the HOD of the department from 1992 to 1993. She was retired on 1993.

Prof. K.J Mary M.A

Prof. K.J Mary was served the department from 1969 to 1998. She was the HOD from 1993-1998.

Prof.K. T. Aleykutty M.A

Prof. K.T Aleykutty has served the department from 1969-1996

Dr. Sr. Kathrinaamma P D- M.A, B. Ed, M. Phil, Ph. D

Dr. Sr. Kathrinaamma P D has served the department from 1980-2005. She was HOD from 1998-2005.

Smt. Pennamma Abraham M.A

Smt. Pennamma Abraham M.A has served the department from 1992-2004.

Smt. Jessyamma Sebastian M.A

Smt. Jessyamma Sebastian M.A has served the department from 1996-2006. She was HOD from 2005-2006.