Dear colleagues, parents, students, alumni and well-wishers, Alphonsa College pays tribute to all the trailblazers for keeping us enkindled! I am greatly honoured to be the Principal of the Alphonsa College, Pala, which has a glorious history to narrate and has given its unwavering commitment to quality formation in the academic and non academic formation of its students, that assures a still brilliant future. Alphonsa College is devoted to chisel out a community of highly qualified, motivated and empowered women, according to the vision of its pioneer patron, Mar Sebastian Vayalil, the first bishop of the diocese of Pala whose herculean efforts and commitment are behind its genesis and growth. Named after St. Alphonsa, the epitome of divine love, the College remains as an epicenter of learning and scholarship for students ranging from the first generation learners from the periphery of the society to those from the mainstream.

The zeal and zest of this diverse student community has been instrumental in keeping the College loyal to the land and its people. The management has left no stone unturned in materializing the noble dreams of its founding fathers. Our team of dedicated, diligent and dynamic staff functions as the backbone of this committed institution. We are also indebted to the parents for their unstinted support and cooperation in taking our college to greater heights. The renowned and illustrious alumnae have constantly made us proud by bringing accolades to the Alphonsian history. The academically vibrant and intellectually challenging environment unique to the College attracts students from all sections of the society. The secure and amicable ambience is an added boon to the scholastic and pluralistic culture that we nurture.

The legacy inscribed in our chronicles inspires each student to be confident, conscientious and equipped to face the challenges of today’s competitive world. We strive for the holistic grooming of our students and ensure that our young women leave the portal of their alma mater as independent, qualified, refined and responsible citizens. Thank you for visiting our website. I pay tribute to all the trailblazers for keeping our banner high and fluttering by your academic and personal excellence! May the Almighty God guide our students of the past and the present to be the emissaries of light in their families and society.

Rev. Dr. Shaji John


Alphonsa College, Pala