History of the Dept. of Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had launched a scheme on 27 February, 2014 for skills development based higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) degree. The B.Voc. programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would incorporate specific job roles along with broad based general education.   Alphonsa college is the first institution which started the combination of Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy  in  B.Voc. under the guidance of UGC in India. B Voc Sports nutrition and physiotherapy started in Alphonsa college during 2014-2015 academic year and now it became the part of self financing courses..

The curriculum of B. Voc. programme in Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy incorporates the requirements of various health sectors, in an innovative and flexible manner while developing a holistic and well-groomed graduate. This programme equips students to pursue a wide range of career prospects as Dietician Assistant, Assistant Physiotherapist and Junior Physiotherapist. The Programme consist of General Education Component courses with 68 credits and Skill development components with 112 credits. A project is included in Semester  IV.  Semester  VI includes clinical Posting and Project work.

We have a well equipped Electrotherapy Lab, Exercise therapy Lab, Fitness Lab, Anatomy Specimen Lab  and department library with good collection of medical books.

Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy