Department of Economics


Prof. P.T. Cyriac, Post Graduate Professor of Economics from St. Thomas College Pala, was appointed as head of the department on deputation basis. His main task was to organize the department in a short span of three years.

Miss. Leonara joined the department in 1967, Smt. M.F Thresiamma in 1967 and Smt. Mary George in 1968 as lecturers. Smt.K.PPhilomina joined the department in 1970 as lecture. Under the able stewardship of Prof. P.T Cyriac, Economics Department showed sufficient progress in academic levels. On completion of his period of deputation, Prof. P.T. Cyriac left our department in 1970 after presenting the first batch of students for University examination. Miss Leonara also left the department in 1970 to join Fatima Matha College Quilon. Smt. M.F. Thresiamma was promoted as Head of the Department in 1970 and continued in this position till 1979.

From 1979, Prof. Mary George was the Head of the Department of Economics. Smt. M.F Thressiamma retired in 2000 had more than 30 years of service to her credit. Prof. V.J. Alice retired from service in 1997. Prof. Mary George, Prof. P.J. Annamma and Prof. K.P. Philomina who had more than 30 years of teaching experience to their credit also retire from Service in2001.In 2000,sr Regeenamma Joseph joined the department as guest lecture when Prof. P.J. Annamma took leave for one year and left the department on 2001. Mrs. Alphonsa P Jacob who joined the Department of Economics in the leave vacancy of Smt. K.P. Philomina in 1990-91 was re-appointed in 2001. She took charge as the Head of the Department in the same year. Miss Mary Abraham and Miss Binu Kurian were appointed as guest lecturers in the year 2001. Miss Smitha Clary joined the department as Guest lecturer in 2004 when Miss. Binu left the department after her marriage. Sr. Regeenamma Joseph was appointed as permanent teacher in 2005 and Miss. Mary Abraham left the department in the same year. Miss. Neena Elizabeth joined as guest lecturer in 2005 when Miss. Smith Clary got appointment in Mangalam Management Studies. Miss. Bincy Thomas was appointed as guest lecturer in 2007 when      Miss. Neena Elizabeth left the department after her marriage. Miss. Deepamol K Joined as guest lecturer in 2009 in vacancy of Miss. Bincy Thomas who left the department to join High School Service. Smt. Alphonsa P. Jacob retired in 2000  and Smt. Smitha Clary joined as permanent faculty  in the Department.

Economics Department is now running smoothly with a team of dedicated teachers. They are getting whole hearted support from the principal and Management and sincere co-operation from their students. More than 200 students are studying in the first, second and third degree classes. Economics being the subsidiary subject of History main our teachers are engaging their classes also.

  • Our Forerunners
  1. P.T.Cryriac –   1967-1970 (Founder HOD)
  2. Miss Leonara                 –   1967-1970
  3. V.J Alice                 –   1969-1997
  4. M.F.Thressiamma –   1967-2001
  5. Mary George                 –   1968-2001
  6. P.JAnnamma –  1969-2001
  7. Prof C.J Philomina –  1969-2001
  8. Alphonsa P Jacob -2001-2013     
  • Our Vision

   ‘To Bring Up To Bring Forth’

  • Our Mission

To equip the students with knowledge, skills and values to make life meaningful.

  • Year of Establishment – 1967
  • Ruby Jubilee – 2007
  • Golden Jubilee-2017