Established in 1964, The Alphonsa College Library is as old as the College itself.  Rev. Sr. Mary Grace BA BLISC (1965-1990) was appointed as the First Librarian of the college in 1965. In July 1976, the present library building was inaugurated by the late Mar Sebastian Vayalil, our founder-patron and the first Bishop of Pala. The library, for the past many years, has been serving the objective of providing equal opportunity and access to information to all members of the campus. The Integrated Library Management System Software- KOHA helps in the organization and maintenance of the activities of the library.

The college library promotes and encourages lifelong learning and self-growth by providing opportunities for research and learning. It has a great collection of textbooks, reference books, journals, periodicals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and a wide range of e-resources. The college library has subscribed to NLIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) which provides access to selected e-resources to its members.In the spacious library building, separate reading space has been allocated for the faculty members. The library also offers xeroxing facility to all members.

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Library Timings:

During Weekdays the Library remains open from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

On Saturdays, the Library remains open from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Library Staff:

  1. Bijimol Joseph B.A. M. Lib. I Grade Librarian

           E Mail: bijimoljk@gmail.com

           Phone No: 9495692594

  1. Simi George      

          E Mail: simijohny82@gmail.com

          Phone No:9605616674

  1. Princy Joseph

          E Mail:princy81joseph@gmail.com

          Phone No:9846270416

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 Timing of LIBRARY
  Fore-Noon After Noon
Week days 8.30am – 11.30am 12.30 pm – 530 pm
Holidays 9.30 am – 12.30 pm 12.30pm – 4.30 pm

(Noon Break – third hour)

The library will be closed on Sundays, public holidays and specially announced holidays of the college.

Library Rules

1. Strict silence should be observed in the library.

2. Only the members of the staff and students of the college are entitled to the use of library. (UG/PG students from under colleges, research scholars and the general public can also access the resources of the library on producing their ID’s and a letter of introduction from the heads of their institutions and with prior permission of the principal of this college.

3. Students are allowed to take only paper into library. Books, umbrellas etc. Should be left at the entrance.

4. The library follows the Open Access System. Make the necessary entries in the borrower’s card and in the ledger placed in the library. Then hand over the book to the library assistant who will stamp the due date on the date label and issue the book.

5. No person shall write upon, tear out or make on any book or article belonging to the library.

6. Each student is give two borrowers’ cards (PG students – 4 cards) which are not transferable. One book can be borrowed at a time against each card. When the book is returned to the library, she must submit to the library all cards issued her.

7. Books are issued to members of the staff when library staff make the necessary entries in the ledger maintained for them. At the end of the academic year they are expected to return all the books and periodicals borrowed.

8. Dictionaries, periodical publications and other reference books shall not be lent out. If any of them is issued out with special permission for overnight reference, it shall be returned to the library the very next day as soon as the library opens.

9. Members are not permitted to sublend the books or cards issued to them.

10. Students are expected to take care of the cards issued to them. A student to whom the cards are issued will be responsible for all the books borrowed against that card. When a student has to get a no dues chit or a clearance certificate from the library , she must submit to the library all issued to her.

11. If the card lost by the student, she shall make a written report to the librarian. A duplicate card will be issued on payment of the fee of Rs. 10/-

12.Students shall return their cards at the end of the particular course.

13. Two books can be borrowed at time for the period of 14 days and must be returned on or before the date indicated in the book. An overdue charge of Rs. 1/- per volume will be levied per day after the due date. Once a book is issued it will not be taken back on the very same day.

14. If the book is damaged or lost by a member, she shall pay the cost for replacing the book (three times). If one volume of a set of books is damaged or lost by a member she must replace it with a copy of the same edition. If it is not available she shall replace the whole set. If the lost book is recovered after having replaced it or paid the value there of the member shall not be permitted to return it to the library and get back the new copy or its price.

15. Before leaving the counter, the members must examine the book borrowed and report to the library staff any damage found therein. If they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage detected afterwards.

16. The librarian can recall from a borrower any book at any time.

17. The loan can be renewed for the further period of seven days if the book is not required by others.

E-Resources Academic Journals

The available academic Journals:-

  1. Current Science – Science
  2. Economic Affairs – Arts
  3. Economic and Political Weekly – Arts
  4. Electronics for You – Science
  5. Gandhi Marg – Arts
  6. Higher Education for the Future – Arts
  7. Indian Journal of Gender Studies-Arts
  8. Indian Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics-Science
  9. Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literatures – Arts
  10. Indian Journal of Political Science- Arts
  11. Indian Journal of Public Administration- Arts
  12. India Quarterly – Arts
  13. ISDA Journal- Arts
  14. Journal of Astro Physics and Astronomy – Science
  15. Journal of Bio Science – Science
  16. Journal of Chemical Science – Science
  17. Journal of Earth System Sciences – Science
  18. Journal of Genetics – Science
  19. Journal of St.Thomas Christians – Religion
  20. Mathematics Today – Science
  21. Mainstream – Arts
  22. Man and Development – Arts
  23. New Frontiers in Education – Arts
  24. Omega – Indian Journal of Science and Religion – Religion
  25. Pramana – Journal of physics – Science
  26. Proceedings-Mathematical Science – Science
  27. Quarterly Review of Historical Studies – Arts
  28. The Quest – Arts
  29. Resonance: Journal of Science Education – Science
  30. Rock Pebbles: Arts
  31. Sajosps – Arts
  32. Science and Culture – Science
  33. Science India – Science
  34. Science Reporter – Science
  35. Science and Society – Science
  36. Seminar: The Monthly Symposium –Arts
  37. Social Action – Arts
  38. University News – Arts
  39. Vikasini – Arts
  40. World Affairs: A Journal of International Issues – Arts
  41. World Focus – Arts
  42. Bhashaposhini – Arts
  43. Sahityalokam – Arts
  44. Vijnakairali – Arts
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