The emblem of the College is symbolic of its noble and exalted ideals.



Our motto is ‘Lighted for Life,’ that is, brightening the hearts and minds of young women with the light of wisdom, thereby equipping them to face the challenges of everyday life. The lighted candle is symbolic of how learning dispels the darkness of ignorance and the lilies symbolize purity and uprightness, the characteristics of an ideal woman.To be true to our motto, the College provides enormous opportunities to the students to light up their souls and equip themselves to radiate the same in the community around them.

For this they are prepared through a programme of regular Value Education and Religious Instruction, Life-Guidance Programmes, Retreats and Community Service Projects. The culmination of this training is the Sending-out Ceremony of the outgoing Alphonsiens, during which they receive lighted candles from the Principal and take a pledge to be true to the values of their Alma Mater and be committed to their families, society and humanity at large.