Alphonsa College, Pala was established in 1964 as Junior College to impart higher education to the young women of the locality. It was upgraded in 1967 and three year degree course in Physics was started along with degree courses in many other disciplines. Prof. M.D. Thomas from Department of Physics, St. Thomas College, Pala was appointed as the H.O.D on deputation. Later in 1970, Sr. Pelagia took charge as the Head of the Department and she continued till she retired in 1996. The advancement of information Technology and its influence in job market led us to the starting of a second Degree course in Vocational Physics with Computer Applications as the vocational subject, in 2000 with a student strength of 24. Both the Degree Courses are running extremely well and we are getting outstanding results.

Dept. of Physics conducts various programmes for the academic enrichment of the students. A number of teaching-learning methods such as classroom seminars, group discussions, quiz programmes, project work, use of charts, paper clippings are used to supplement the conventional lecture method. Online submission of assignments and seminar presentations by students using Power Point is also encouraged.   The department regularly organizes seminars by experts on different advanced and relevant topics of Physics. The Department publishes a manuscript magazine, called Harmonics released every year with articles on latest developments in Science and Technology. 

Remedial Classes for the weak and Enrichment programmes for the elite are conducted regularly. Tutorial assistance for every student and counseling for the needy are done regularly. Under the guidance of a member of the faculty, all students carry out a project based on the curriculum, thus promoting a research culture among the students. A project exhibition and presentation is also conducted yearly.  The whole college community, students and teachers from neighbouring colleges visit this endeavour. The department organise regular extension programmes to promote the moral standards of the students.

Dept. has instituted three merit scholarships. Every year, several of our III D C students get placements in leading IT companies. We offer 2 open courses, Amateur Astronomy and Energy and Environmental Studies, for the students of other departments. The choice based course offered by the department is Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The department has a library of its own with a collection of 478 books. Issue registers are maintained in the departments and books are issued to students and faculty members.  Priority areas of research are Cosmology, Magnetism and Nanofluids. The participation of students in research activities is well promoted and encouraged. Students are also encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences both within as well as outside the college.  Also they are encouraged to do projects at different research institutes.

The former members of the faculty were:

  • Rev. Sr. Pelagia (1964 – 1996), College Principal (1978 – 1984)
  • Rev. Sr. Annie Jose (1965 – 1994)
  • Mrs. A. M. Aleyamma (1968 – 1995)
  • Rev. Sr. Edwin (1968 – 1998)
  • Mrs. K G Aleyamma (1971 – 1999)
  • Mrs. C J Aleyamma (1968 – 2001)
  • Mrs Mary Mathew (1968 – 2001)
  • Rev Sr. Stella Maris (1970 – 2001)
  • Rev. Sr. Lisa Maria (1970 – 2001)
  • Smt. A M Aleyamma (1976 – 2002)
  • Rev. Sr. Teena (1976 – 2005)
  • Rev. Sr. Lisa Martin (1981 – 2006)
  • Mrs. Maryamma Zacharias (1978 – 2009)
  • Mrs. Jolly Sebastian (1978 – 2010)
  • Ms. Lissamma Lukose (1993 – 2016)