Up in the sky of knowledge, lighted for life
Temple of hallowed learning, lighted for life
Winning laurels all the way
Trailing glory on the way
Birds in the learning’s bower we sing
With glowing hearts.

Born in the mind of Mar Vayalil
Grown in the grace of God almighty
Showing the path to a virtuous life
Moulding us and cherishing us
Dispelling darkness from our minds.

Pure as lilies in the field, and empowered too
Lit candles we are, not blown out in the wind
Exuding confidence, imbued with inner strength
Dreaming about a brave new world.
Self-reliant, tolerant and empathic we march ahead
Changing ourselves, changing the world

Celebrating womanhood
Upholding eternal values
Bless our efforts, oh! Saint Alphonsa!
Crown our efforts with success sweet!

Composed by

Dr. Mini John, Dept. of English

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