Curriculum for  B. Sc Botany Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
Core Course I Botany BO1CRT01 Methodology of Science & An Introduction to Botany
1st Complimentary Course I  (Chemistry) Ch1CMT01 Basic Theoretical and Analytic Chemistry
2nd Complimentary Course II (Zoology) ZY1CMT01 Non-chordate Diversity
 Semester II   
 Core Course II Botany BO2CRT02 Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology
1st Complementary Course  II (Chemistry) CH2CMT02 Basic Organic Chemistry
2nd Complementary Course  II (Zoology) ZYCMT02 Chordate Diversity
Core Course Botany Practical I BO2CRP01 Methodology of Science & An Introduction to Botany+Microbiology, Mycology, and Plant Pathology
1st Complementary Course  Chemistry Practical I CH2CMP01 Volumetric Analysis
2nd Complementary Course  I (Zoology) Practical ZY2CMP01 Non-chordate diversity+Chordate diversity
Semester III 
Core Course III BO3CRT03 Phycology and Bryology
Chemistry III CH3CMT04 Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
Biology III ZY3CMT03 Physiology and Immunology
Semester IV
Core Course IV BO4CRT04 Pteridology, Gymnosperms & Paleobotany
1st Complementary Course (Chemistry) IV CH4CMT04 Advanced Bio-organic Chemistry
2nd Complementary Course (Zoology) IV ZY4CMT02 Applied Zoology
Core Course Practical IV CH4CRP02 Phycology, Bryology, Pteridology, Gymnosperms & Paleobotany
Chemistry  Practical II CH4CMP02 Organic Chemistry Practical
Zoology Practical IV Applied Zoology