Curriculum for  B. Sc Chemistry Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
Core Course I  CH1CRT01 General and Analytical Chemistry
1st Complimentary Course I  (Mathematics) MM1CMT01 Partial Differentiation Matrices, Trigonometry and Numerical Methods
2nd Complimentary Course I (Physics) PH1CMT02 Properties of Matter and Thermodynamics
 Semester II   
 Core Course II (Chemistry) CH2CRT02 Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry
1st Complementary Course  II (Mathematics) MM2CMT02 Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
2nd Complementary Course  II (Physics) PH2CMT02 Mechanics and Superconductivity
Core Course 2 ChemistryPractical II CH2CRP01 Volumetric Analysis
2nd Complementary Course  Physics Practical I PH2CMP01 Complementary Physics Practical II
Semester III 
Core Course III CH3CRT03 Organic Chemistry I
1st Complementary Course (Mathematics) III MM3CMT03 Vector Calculus, Analytic Geometry and Abstract Algebra
2nd Complementary Course (Physics) III PH3CMT01 Modern Physics and Magnetism
Semester IV
Core Course IV CH4CRT04 Organic Chemistry II
1st Complementary Course (Mathematics) IV MM4CMT04 Fourier Series, Laplace transform and Complex Analysis
2nd Complementary Course (Physics) IV PH4CMT02 Optics and Solid-state Physics
Core Course Practical II CH4CRP02 Qualitative Organic Analysis
2nd Complementary Course (Physics)  Practical IV PH4CMP02 Complementary Physics Practical Practical