Curriculum for  B. Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
Common Course I English EN1CC01 Fine Tune your English
Core Course I CN1CRT01 Basic Nutrition
Core Course II CN1CRT02 Basic Dietetics
Complimentary Course I (Biochemistry) CN1CMT01 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Complementary Course CN1CMT02 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

 Semester II   

Common Course IV English EN1CC03 Issues that matter
Core Course IV CN2CRT04 Advanced Nutrition
Core Course V CN2CRT05 Clinical Nutrition
Core Course VI CN2CRT06 Family Meal Management
1st Complementary Course  I (Biochemistry) CN2CMT03 General Biochemistry
2nd Complementary Course  (Human Physiology) I CN2CMT04 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Biochemistry  Practical I CN2CMP01 Biochemistry Practical I
Human Physiology Practical CN2CMP02 Human Physiology Practical I
Field Study BO2CMP01 Field / Industry Visit

Semester III 

Core Theory CN3CRT07 Therapeutic Nutrition
Core Theory CN3CRT08 Food Commodities I
Core Theory CN3CRT09 Community Nutrition
Core Practical CN3CRP01 Therapeutic Nutrition I
Core Practical CN3CRP02 Community Nutrition
Complementary Theory CN3CMT06 Human Anatomy and Physiology III

Semester IV

Core Theory CN4CRT10 General Microbiology
Core Theory CN4CRT11 Food Commodities II
Core Practical CN4CRP03 Therapeutic Nutrition Practical II
Core Practical CN4CRP04 Quantity Food Production Practical
Complementary Theory CH4CMT07 Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition
Complementary Practical CN4CMT03 Biochemistry Practical II
Complementary Theory CH4CMT08 Human Anatomy and Physiology
Complementary Practical CN4CMT04 Human Physiology Practical II