Curriculum for  B. Sc Physics Model II – Computer Application Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
Common Course I English I EN1CC01 Fine Tune your English
Second Language (Malayalam/Hindi) ML1CCT09


Katha Kavitha

Poetry and One-act Play

Core Course I PH1CRT01  Methodology and Perspectives of Physics 
Complementary Course (Mathematics) I MM1CMT01 Partial Differentiation, Matrices. Trigonometry and Numerical Methods
Vocational Course I CA1VOT01 Computer Fundamentals
Vocational Course II CA1VOT02 Computer Networks and Internet Technologies
 Semester II   
 Common Course – English 2  EN1CC03 Issues that Matter
Common Course Malayalam Second Language Hindi ML2CCT10



Prose & Short Stories

Core Course 2 PH2CRT02 Mechanics and Properties of Matter
Core Course 2 Physics Practical II PH2CRP01 Mechanics and Properties of Matter(P)
1st Complementary Course(Mathematics) II MM2CMT02 Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
Vocational Course III CA2VOT03 Word and Data Processing Packages
Vocational Course IV CA2VOT04 Programming in ANSI C
Core Course 2 Physics Practical II  PH2CR01 Mechanics and Properties of Matter (P)
Vocational Course Practical II CA2VOP01 Introduction to Computers and ANSI – C Programming
Semester III 
Common Course – English 3 EN2CC05 Literature and/as identity
Core Course III PH3CRT03 Optics, Laser and Fiber Optics
1st Complementary Course (Mathematics) III MM3CMT03 Vector Calculus, Analytic Geometry & Abstract Algebra
Vocational Course V CA3VOT05 Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
Vocational Course VI CA3VOT06 Operating System
Semester IV
Common Course – English 4 EN4CC06 Illuminations
Core Course IV PH4CRT04 Semiconductor Physics
1st Complementary Course (Mathematics) IV MM4CMT04 Fourier Series, Laplace transform and Complex Analysis
Vocational Course VII CA4VOT07 Visual Basic Programming
Vocational Course VIII CA4VOT08 Web Development and PHP Programming
Core Course Practical PH4CRP02 Optics & Semiconductor Physics
Vocational Course Practical CA4V OT01 Data Processing Packages, Operating System & Visual Basic Programming
Vocational Course Practical CA4V OP03 C++ Programming and Web Development