Curriculum for  B. VOC. Fashion Technology Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I
 Course Code Title of Course
 ENGPO1 English I – Communication Skills (T)
 FTH1G1 Information Technology and IT Tools (T+P)
 FTH1S1  Elements of Design and Fashion (P)
 FTH1S2  Textile Science (T)
 FTH1S3  Basic Pattern Making and Sewing Techniques

Semester II

 ENGPO2 English II – Academic Writing & Presentation Skills
 FTH2G1 Fashion Theory (T)
 FTH2S1 Foundation of Art & Design(P)
 FTH2S2 Fashion Model Drawing (P)
 FTH2S3 Surface Ornamentation (P)
  Industry Visit & Report (P)

Semester II

FTH3G1 Fundamentals of Apparel Production
FTH3G2 Machinery and Equipments
FTH3S1 Pattern Drafting (P)
FTH3S2 Construction Techniques (p)
FTH3S3 Home Textiles (P)
FTH3S4 Draping (P)

Semester IV

FTH4G1 Fundamentals of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (T)
FTH4G2 Computer Aided Pattern Making (P)
FTH4S1 Garment Construction (P)
FTH4S2 Theatre Costume Designing (P)
FTH4S3 Chemical Processing of Fabric and Apparel (T)
  Internship I (P)
  Mini Project (P)

Semester V

FTH5G1 History of Western Costume (T)
FTH5G2 Fashion Forecasting (T)
FTH5S1 Pattern Making and Grading (P)
FTH5S2 Construction of Soft Furnishing(P)
FTH5S3 Textile Design (P)
FTH5S3 Clothing Care (P)

Semester VI

FTH6G1 Textile and Garment Quality Analysis Assurance (T)
FTH6G2 Advanced Fashion Illustration (P)
FTH6G3 Accessory Design (P)
  Internship II (P)
  Project (P)
  Thematic Line Development (P)
  Portfolio Presentation (P)