Curriculum for  B. VOC. Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy Under CBCSS – 2017 Admission
Semester I   
Title & Type of Course Course Code  Name of the Paper
General Component ENCN01 English I, Communication Skills in English
General Component SPT1G1 Basic Nutrition
Skill Component SPT1S1 Human Anatomy
Skill Component SPT1S2 Human Physiology
Skill Component SPT1P1 Human Anatomy Practical
Skill Component SPT1G1 Human Physiology Practical

 Semester II   

General Component ENCN02 English 2, Critical Thinking, Academic Writing & Presentation
General Component SPT2G1 Information Technology & IT Tools
Skill Component SPT2S1 Orientation to Sports Physiotherapy
Skill Component SPT2S2 Sports & Exercise Therapy
Skill Component SPT2S3 Clinical Orthopedics & Sports Medicine I
General Component SPT2S2P Sports & Exercise Therapy Practical

Semester III 

General Component SPT3G1 Therapeutic Nutrition
General Component SPT3G2 Scientific Principles &Practices of Health and Fitness Training
General Component SPT3G3 First Aid & Nursing
Skill Component SPT3S1 Clinical Orthopedics & Sports Medicine 2
Skill Component SPT3S2 Electrotherapy I
Skill Component SPT3S3 Physiology of Sports and Exercise
Skill Component SPT3S4 Physiology of Sports and Exercise Practical

Semester IV

General Component SPT4G1 Alternative Medicine
General Component SPT4G2 Psychiatry
General Component SPT4G3 Sports Psychology & Counseling
Skill Component SPT4S1 Physiotherapy in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Skill Component SPT4S2 Electrotherapy 2
Skill Component SPT4S1P Physiotherapy in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Practical
Skill Component SPT4S2P Electrotherapy 2 Practical, School Visit, Project

Semester V

General Component SPT5G1 Biomechanics
General Component SPT5G2 Weight Management Rehabilitation & Fitness
General Component SPT5G3 Medical Instrumentation and Hospital Visit
Skill Component SPT5S1 Physiotherapy in General Medicine & Surgery including Cardiothoracic Conditions I
Skill Component SPT5S2 Physiotherapy in Neurology and Neurosurgery
Skill Component SPT5S3 Evidence-Based Physiotherapy
Skill Component SPT5S4 Nutrition, Safety Education and Health Promotion
Skill Component SPT5G2P Weight Management Rehabilitation & Fitness Practical

Semester VI

General Component SPT6G1 Psychology
General Component SPT6G2 Sociology
Skill Component SPT6S1 Physiotherapy in General Medicine & Surgery including Cardiothoracic Conditions 2
Skill Component SPT6S2 Sports Nutrition
Skill Component SPT6S2P Sports Nutrition Practical, Project, Clinical Posting