Curriculum for M. A English Course Under CSS
Semester I
Title of Course Course code Name of the paper
Core Course I PC 1 Chaucer and the Roots of English
Core Course II PC 2 Writings of the Renaissance
Core Course III PC 3 Revolution and the Enlightenment
Core Course IV PC 4 Literary Criticism and Academic Writing
Core Course V PC 5 Indian English Literature

Semester II

Core Course VI PC 6 Literature of the Nineteenth Century
Core Course VII PC 7 Modernism in Context
Core Course VIII PC 8 Dimensions of the Post Modern
Core Course IX PC 9 Language and Linguistics
Core Course X PC 10 Theories of Knowledge

Semester III

Core Course XI PC 11 American Literature
Core Course XII PC 12 Cultural Studies
Core Course XIII PC 13 Gender Studies
Core Course XIV PC 14 Modes of fiction
Core Course XV PC 15 Texts and Performance

Semester IV



Core Course XVI



PC 16 Literature and the Empire
PC 01 Modern European Drama
PC 04 Canadian Literature
PC 06 Dalit Studies
PC 09 Modern European Fiction