Restructured Curriculum for M. A Political Science Programme Under CSS
Semester I
 Paper Code Name of the Paper
 PS-S1-CO1 Political Thought: Ancient and Medieval Traditions
 PS-S1-CO2  Public Administration: Theory and Concepts
PS-S1-CO3 India: State, Polity and Governance
PS-S1-CO4   Political Theory
PS-S1-CO5 Theory and Practice of International Relations

Semester II

 PS-S2-CO6 Political Thought: Modern Traditions
 PS-S2-CO7  Indian Administration
PS- S2-CO8  Issues in Indian Politics
PS- S2-CO9  Issues in International Relations
PS- S2-CO10  Comparative Politics

Semester III

PS- S3-CO11  Political Thought: Indian Traditions
PS- S3-CO12  State and Politics of Kerala
PS- S3-CO13  Human Rights in India
PS- S3-CO14  Decentralization & Local Governance
PS- S3-CO15  Research Methodology

Semester IV

PS- S4-CO16 India’s Foreign Policy
PS- S4-EB1 Political Thought: Gandhian Tradition
PS- S4-ED1 International Political Economy
PS- S4-ED4 US Government and Politics
PS- S4-ED8 United National Peace and Governance
PS- S4-PP Project
PS- S4-PV Viva