Curriculum for M. Sc Zoology Course Under CSS
Semester I
Paper code Name of the paper
ZY1CT01 Biosystematics and Animal Diversity
ZY1CT02 Evolutionary Biology and Ethology
ZY1CT03 Biochemistry
ZY1CT04 Biostatistics, computer application and Research Methodology


Practical-1 Biosystematics and Animal Diversity

Evolutionary Biology and Ethology

Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Computer Application and Research Methodology

Semester II
Paper code Name of the paper
ZY2CT06 Ecology- Principles and Practices
ZY2CT07 Genetics and Bio-informatics
ZY2CT08 Developmental Biology
ZY2CT09 Biophysics, Instrumentation and Biological Techniques


Practical – 2 Ecology, Genetics and Bio-informatics

Developmental Biology, Biophysics and

instrumentation + Biological technique

Semester III
Paper code Name of the paper
ZY3CT11 Animal Physiology
ZY3CT12 Cell and Molecular Biology
ZY3CT13 Microbiology and Biotechnology
ZY3CT14 Immunology
ZY3CT15 Practical 3- Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology

and Biotechnology

ZY3CT16 Practical 4-Animal Physiology & Immunology
Semester IV
Paper code Name of the paper
ZY4CET01 Environmental Science- Concepts and approaches
ZY4CET02 Environmental pollution Toxicology
ZY4CET03 Environmental Management and Development
ZY4CET04 Environmental Science -Practical-1
ZY4CET05 Environmental Science-Practical-2
ZY4PT22 Project
ZY4VV23 Viva voce