Dr. Jesty Emmanuel Asst. Professor M. A, B. Ed, M. Phil, Ph. D

Name Dr. Jesty Emmanuel

Assistant Professor

Qualification M.A, B. Ed, M. Phil, Ph. D
Date of entry into service 04-08-2008
Research Guideship, associating University and Research activities 1. Muktibodh Ki Kavilaom Mein Vyavastha Virodh Star- Vol: 7 No.1 June 2006 page no-79-83


2. Muktibodh Ki Alochana Sangrathan 2006


3. Muktibodh Kikahaniyom mein Madhyavarg  Sangrathan NOVEMBER 2006 page no-34-39 ISSN NO;2278-6880


4. Muktibodh Ki Kavita  Athrupth Yathrth ka Ispathi Dasthavej Sangrathan August 2018PAGE NO; 36-39,ISSN NO;2278-6880


5. Published the presented paper named Vyavastha Aur Aadmi Mukti bodh ki Kavita ke Vishesh Sandarph Mein” in the National Seminar on Contribution of Contemporary Hindi Writers held in PG.Dept. of Hindi Catholicate College Pathanamthitta  in the proceedings PAGE -155-162


6. Published the presented paper named Women Writings in Hindi Literature and Women Empowerment in the National seminar on Changing role of women and sustainable development organized by the women’s cell Alphonsa College in the proceedings. page no 79-81.


7. Published the presented paper Manvadhikar  Aur Muktibodh ki kavita in the UGC  Sponsored Two Day  National  Seminar  on  Hindi  Sahithy    mein          Manvadhikar  ki  Parikalpana on  20th& ,21stNovember2014 organized by Nirmala  college Moovattupuzha in the proceedingspage-ISBN NO.978-81-929844-2-1page no:66-73


8. Published the presented paper Muktibodh ki kavita mein Samajik Chethana Uthar Adhunikatha keSandarph Mein in the national seminar in Nationalseminar onUtharadhunic Hindi Sahithya mein Samajik chethana seminar PG & Resarch department of Hindi NSS Hindu College Changanachery in the proceedingsPAGE-109-117 ISBN NO-978-93-5235-617-1


9. Aur Anth Mein Prarthana aur Vyavastha Mein pistha Aadhmi AN article published in the book Sahithy ki Samkaleen ChunouthiyamPAGE-200-202 , ISBN NO-978-93-82554




Title of the Project- Muktibodh   Ki Kavitaom   Ke Gyanatmak   Aur  Samvedanatmak  Sthar  Funding agency –UGC

Duration – October 2013- April  2014




1.Dr. Jesty Emmanuel  participated  in the national seminar in Muktibodh ka  Rachana Sansar conducted by PG & Resarch department of Hindi CUSAT 5,16,17December 2016. Presented Topic – Muktibodh ki kavita  Manav Mukti ka mahamanthr ( to be published in Anusheelan Journal of CUSAT


2. Jal  Aur Zamin se Judi Samvedana Aur Samkaleen Hindi Sahityya Organised  BY Dept. Of Hindi St. Teresas College Ernakulam  on18/8/2016-19/8/2016 Topic of presentation Agjey ki kahaniyom mein paristhithic samvedana asadya veena ke sandarh mein


3. National Seminar onSamakaleenatha ke badalthe Sandarph mein Bhasha Aur Sanskrithi Organised  by Dept of Hindi Maharajas college Ernakulam on 10/12/2015,11/12/2015Topic of presentation Kumar Ambuj ki kavita ek Adyayan Samakaleenatha ke badalthe Sandarph mein


4. Participated in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Challenges of Contemporary Hindi Literature organized by Department of Hindi Govt. College Kattappana in collaboration with Kerala Hindi  Sahithya  Mandal  held  on 9 ,10, 11 October2013and presented Paper  titled  ‘Prowdyogik  Sanskriti  Ki  Chunouthiyam  Doud  Ke  Santharph  Mein’ .(to be  published)


5. Muktibodh Ki KavitaManav Mukti  ka Mahamanthr presented in the National Seminar- Muktibodh Ka Rachana Sansar Organized by dept. Of Hindi  CUSAT


6. Sthree Shakteekaran Aur  Anamika ki Kavita presented National Seminar on Nayi Shadhi ki Kavita ORGANIZED BY Dept of Hindi  K K T M Pullut Kodumgalloor on20th October2017a ( to be published) .


7. Madhavi  Aur Rangamanj presented inthe National Seminar on Hindi Natak Aur Rangamanj  organized by Dept of Hindi Govt.ARS and Science College Ampalapuzha ( to be published in proceedings)


8.Muktibodh Ka Sahithyik Darshan presented in  the EXUBERANZA International seminar on Vision Experience&Narration-New Trends in Literary Discourse ( to be published) In AUREOL the journal of St. Stephans Uzhavoor) An ArticleProudyodik sanscriti   mein  Badalte Moolyabodh “Doud” Ke Sandarph  Mein( to be published  in the  book –Assiyothar Hindi Sahithya mein Badalthe Jeevan Moolye)


Sthree Shakteekaran Aur Anamika ki Kavita (to be published)


Madhavi  Aur Rangamanj( to be published in proceedings)


Proudyodik sanscriti   mein  Badalte Moolyabodh “Doud” Ke Sandarph  Mein( to be published )


Muktibodh Ka Sahithyik Darshan ( to be published)


Muktibodh Ki KavitaManav Mukti  ka Mahamanthr( to be published


Madhavi  Aur Rangamanj( to be published in proceedings)

Area of Specialization Hindi   Language & Literature
Awards and Achievements Nil
Positions Held

Institution Level:

Eg: Member of IQAC, Associate Editor of College Magazine

Charge of WWS Noon Meal Programme

E Mail Id Christajoby2002@gmail.com