Dr. Kochurani George Assistant Professor M. Sc. Ph. D

Name Dr.Kochurani George
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M. Sc., Ph.D.
Date of entry into service 20-01-2010
Research Guideship, associating University and Research activities Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University.
  Paper Publications

1. “Activity of Aniline Methylation over Fe-Cu-Cr

Ternary Spinel Systems” Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 9 (1), 2014, 39-44,

Reni George, Kochurani George, Sankaran Sugunan,

2. Nickel substituted copper chromite spinels: Preparation, characterization and catalytic activity in the oxidation reaction of ethyl benzene.
Catalysis Communications, Volume 9, Issue 13, 20 July 2008, Pages 2149-2153 Kochurani George, S. Sugunan

3. Catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane over Cu-Zn-Cr ternary spinel systems. Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters Volume 94, Number 2 / September, 2008, Pages 253-260, Kochurani George, S. Sugunan

Area of Specialization Physical Chemistry (Catalysis)
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NSS Programme Officer

IQAC member

Co- ordinator of Equal opportunity centre Coordinator of Add on course

SSP mentor

Co-ordinator of Internal Evaluation

Staff Association Secretary

E Mail Id ranigeorge@gmail.com