The variety of writing tasks is astonishing nowadays. People ask different essay writing services for help daily since they want to make their studying routine much easier. However, it is also important to make sure that you will not only receive a qualitative paper but also will learn how to make one yourself.

Our main goal in this article is to show you the benefits of using EssayNow. What features this service has, and will it improve your writing?

The Main Services

When we first opened the website, it was important for us to see all the services. Thankfully, the price calculator gave us such an option. By the way, this tool is convenient. It includes:

  • All the information about available services. With a huge list of available options, you can immediately check whether the chosen service gives you what you want.
  • The price checker will help you plan your budget properly.
  • Information about deadlines and possible volume of your potential paper.

We examined reviews, which are mostly positive, and the services on the website and chose the most interesting solutions for us. So let’s talk more about the services.

Editing As The Most Perspective Feature

Short disclaimer: do not worry; we will talk about writing just a little bit later. The main point why we started with the editing is that students still write their essays but need more professional editing. We wanted to see what is included in it and how will writers on the platform manage to fix all the mistakes in our papers.

First, we wrote a short essay with plenty of mistakes. It was essential, so we could see what will editors do to it.

After that, we submitted our order and waited a couple of days for it to be completed. By the way, we received our edited paper even a little bit earlier. Probably, this is because the editor wanted us to check his work sooner, which is nice.

We checked the work. The writer did put a lot of effort into explaining all the nuances and issues of our papers. We could see that it was a huge work. Our mistakes were not only fixed but commented, so we could find a way to improve our further writing. Just incredible.

The editing was just beautiful. Definitely 10/10. But let’s try paper writing to see what they can offer in this sector.

Writing Papers

When we decided to learn more about writing on EssayNow.net, it was not that hard to choose preferred texts. We decided to work with essays and reviews. Including that this site is focused on writing them, we wanted to use them as markers.


For the essay, we chose the “animal abuse” topic. In fact, we did not even want to specify the whole topic to give the writer more space.

First, we placed the order. We mentioned our subject, general topic, number of pages, and deadline. We decided to go all in and asked to write a paper in 3 hours.

Then, after the payment, we received a paper, which was written according to the given task. Coming as a regular school essay, it explained the topic and gave nice references to reliable and valid sources. It would definitely be an A+ essay.

But what about a more complicated paper?


We decided to go a little bit further and chose something different. We decided to request a review of the well-known movie “BlacKkKlansman.” For this task, we gave 6 hours, so the writer could watch the film first.

Then we got the result and were satisfied with it. The thing we loved the most about the review was that our writer did not only discuss the plot, giving thoughts about it and the issue of racism but also provided us with an interesting point of view on cinema itself. It was a great job.

After reviewing these aspects, we can believe that no matter what service you order and what conditions you give on this platform, you will still receive the best paper possible.

Will This Essay Writing Service Help You?

EssayNow is a great and modern service that has a great aim to help students. And they are doing it for a fair and reasonable price. Students can easily get access to the world of great features and a variety of services in only a couple of clicks.

And if you are tired of writing or think that you can do better but have no idea how this website will be your #1 option. It has enough resources to help every student who wants to have a high grade.