The college has a green campus with several mini gardens. It has the wealth of a variety of trees belonging to more than 30 Species. Rare and endangered plants are protected. Conscious efforts are taken to protect and sustain the natural Eco system. The initiatives include planting and distribution of sapling, rain water harvesting, and water recharge wells. While the college, through its Nature Club and Bhoomithrasena , has been planting trees, it strictly follows certain norms to protect existing trees, thus maintaining the greenery on the campus and the natural vegetation.

Trees are cut not for commercial purposes but only when they pose danger to people and buildings in its vicinity. Again, the College strictly follows the norm that minimum number of trees is destroyed and the natural environment is kept as it is, when new buildings are constructed on the campus. The infrastructure development strictly adheres to environmental compliance such as minimum damage to natural vegetation and energy saving by facilitating natural air flow.

A committee of teachers oversees the landscaping. Department email ids have made communication online thus reducing dependence on papers. Online submission of assignments is also another green initiative. Office staff is trained to use Computers and nearly all office work is done using computers. The institution is moving towards a paperless office. Majority of students and a large section of the faculty make use of public transport system for conveyance. Environmental issues are taken up for formal discussions. Eco friendly orientation is consciously cultivated among students by organizing various awareness programmes and competitions. Environmentally significant days are observed on campus like World Environment Day, World Ozone Day, National Pollution Control Day. The College organised several seminars and lectures related to Environment Conservation, Eco-literacy, Biodiversity Management etc. Environment sensitization posters were put up in campus on the occasion of World Environment Day and Gandhi Jayanthi. Environmental Science is made a part of the curriculum for many batches. Study tour to ecotourism centers, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are organized.

Institutional Initiatives for Greening the Campus Circular for Restricting Vehicle Entry in the College Campus Prohibiting the use of Plastic in College Campus